About Oliver Voss

Savvy negotiations and cutting edge marketing strategies join uncompromising integrity are the hallmarks of

Oliver’s service.

Oliver Voss has had over twenty years sales experience across a number of different industries and consistently 

ranks as one of the top performing agents on real estate sites. Although you can learn about sales, you either

have it or you don't.

Perhaps surprisingly, much of Oliver’s career was not spent in real estate, but with industries as diverse as

Tour Guiding, General manager of a national travel agency and more recently sales for a local builder

specialising in sustainable construction. The common thread was the ability to not only drive sales but to help

people achieve their objectives.


Oliver is exceptionally well respected for his approach to real estate, not only for his unparalleled professional track

record and high ethical standards but for being an honest, hard working family man who does absolutely everything

in his power to ensure his client’s success.


He has a proven history achieving great sales results and thrives on helping get the best result he can for his clients.

With his positive, go get'em attitude, professionalism is everything!

Oliver is dynamic and exudes an infectious enthusiasm in most things that he does. His role as an agent is not just to sell a property, he strives to deliver a level of customer service better than any other agent and his testimonials reflect that!


Oliver specialises in selling properties in Cairns suburbs such as:

  • Redlynch                      * Bentley Park          

  • Brinsmead,                  * Edmonton                           

  • Trinity Park,                  * Kamerunga

  • Smithfield,                   * Caravonica

  • Stratford,                     * Yorkeys Knob            

  • Freshwater                  * Palm Cove

  • Redlynch Central,       * Clifton Beach    

  • Redlynch Valley,          * Kewarra Beach

  • Trinity Beach,               * Manoora


Other personal attributes: 

  • Honest and reliable 

  • Results Driven 

  • Passion for helping people

  • Strong work ethics and motivation 

  • Well respected and trusted 

  • Ability to close a sale achieving outstanding outcomes.

  • Committed to getting clients the best sale price.

  • Focused and determined

Outside Real Estate: Outside real estate, Oliver lives in Redlynch with his wife and 2 children. Both kids go to school in Redlynch and we spend a great deal of time enjoying all the benefits of living in Redlynch Valley including bike riding and canoeing along Freshwater Creek.


Oliver loves to go sailing and camping. He also likes to go 4WD'ing, fishing and spending time with his family.


Oliver is pretty good in the kitchen with Indian cuisine his speciality. He has spent a considerable amount of time at sea sailing yachts around the world and still enjoys travelling when ever he gets the chance.


Recent overseas holidays have included countries such as Cambodia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Spain, New Caledonia and Antarctica! 

  • 5-7 Cashmere Crt, Redlynch

  • 9-11 Soderberg Cl, Redlynch

  • 15-17 Soderberg Cl Redlynch

  • 39 Woodrose Dr, Forest Gardens

  • 10 Ben Bolt Close, Redlynch

  • 22 Grove Street, Paramatta Park

  • 4 Hannam Street, Bungalow

  • 2 Renton Close, Edmonton

  • 12/242 Grafton Street, Cairns City

  • 18 Spartan Close, Edmonton

  • 48 Marsden Street, Mt Sheridan

  • 1 Cooktown Road, Edmonton

  • 3 Cooktown Road, Edmonton

  • 7 Cooktown Road, Edmonton

  • 70 Cooktown Road, Edmonton

  • 31 Shaft Street, Edmonton

  • 1/16-20 Mt Peter Road, Edmonton

  • 3 Mann Street, Edmonton

  • 1 Canecutter Road, Edmonton

  • 22 Kangaroo Street, Bentley Park

  • 5 Sunflower Drive, Mooroobool

  • 7 Down Street, Freshwater

  • 28/173 Mayers St, Manoora

  • 12 Tyenna Close, Bentley Park

  • 7 Tee street, Yorkeys Knob

  • 33 Red Peak Blvd Caravonica

  • 59 Perserverance St Redlynch

  • 6 Ellestree Cl Redlynch

  • 2 Penny Close, Kuranda

  • 20 Kippin Close, REDLYNCH

  • 30-32 Kippin Close Redlynch

  • 24 Mackerras Street, Redlynch

  • 57 Mackerras Street, Redelynch

  • the list goes on!!!

  • 3 Raffia Crt, Redlynch

  • 21 Gamburra Drive, Redlynch

  • 27 Gamburra Drive, Redlynch

  • 41 Gamburra Drive, Redlynch

  • 16 Lum Jim Street, Redlynch

  • 46 Barnard Drive, Mt Sheridan

  • 31 Willoughby Close, Redlynch

  • 3/17-19 Marett Street, Stratford

  • 25 Kowinka Street, White Rock

  • 13 Ranleagh Street, Kurrimine 

  • 4/2-14 Shale Street, Brinsmead

  • 29 Iridescent Drive, Trinity Park

  • 20 Midship Street, Trinity Beach

  • 8 Midship Street, Trinity Beach

  • 9 Brockhurst Close, Redlynch

  • 2-4 Kirrima Crt, Redlynch

  • 32 John Malcolm St, Redlynch

  • 24 Whipbird Drive, Smithfield,

  • 19 Stapleton Close, Redlynch

  • 24 Mackerras St, Redlynch

  • 162 Roberts Drive, Trinity Beach

  • 9 Altona St, Bentley Park

  • 47 Mary Street, Innisfail

  • 115 Hobson Drive, Brinsmead

  • 1249 Palmerston Hwy Coorumba

  • 2 Bayu Close, Redlynch

  • 10 Bayu Close, Redlynch

  • 57/2-6 Fairweather Dr, Redlynch

  • 1/101 Wattle street Yorkeys Knob

  • 17 Jacobs Rd, Kurrimine Beach

  • 10 Rhapis Court Whitfield

  • 27 Latreille Tce, Brinsmead

  • 14 Kipling St, Brinsmead

  • 12 Stapleton Cl Redlynch

  • 3 Wirrega Close, Caravonica

Oliver Voss: Specialising in residential property sales in Redlynch, Brinsmead, Freshwater, Redlynch Rise, Stratford, Trinity Park, Smithfield, Redlynch Valley, Kurrimine Beach, Redlynch Central and all other suburbs in Cairns. Acreages, units, houses, blocks of land, elite properties and million dollar plus properties.

CONTACT: CPO Redlynch 0414 725 573 EMAIL: oliver@cpo.com.au POSTAL: P O Box 334 Redlynch, Qld 4870 FAX: 07 4039 3155 OFFICE: 07 4039 3111

Registration number: 4057691

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